Hammond Park Physiotherapy is temporarily closed

You can find us at our alternative clinics Atwell Physiotherapy and Berrigan Physiotherapy,

which are just a few minutes drive away!



Symptom Relief + Treat the Cause = Lasting Positive Results


If you have tried a variety of approaches to fix your aches and pains and they are persisting, we would love to help you. We should be the first choice physio clinic and often end up being the clinic of last resort when all else has failed. Our dedicated team of Physiotherapists have a broad range of skills and an extensive knowledge base. We aim to return you to your highest level of function, by providing you with a quality of care individually tailored to suite your unique requirements. We can guarantee that you will be very pleasantly surprised with your treatment.


Our skill base includes manual therapies, exercise based rehabilitation, clinical Pilates, movement control analysis and dry needling. Our therapists have a wealth of experience working with sports injuries, pre and post-operative rehabilitation, ante/post-natal care, pelvic dysfunction, back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, dance injuries and occupational injuries.